Crystal Steam Bath - with a maximum hummidity of 100% and temperatures of up to 65 degrees Celsius, our steam bath is extremely beneficial for improving function of circulatory system, overall detoxification, respiratory system, articulations, skin, immune system and metabolism.  All of these positive benefits are combined with the healing power of Amethyst Crystals Geode, which stores, amplifies and favours spiritual development. The amethyst is a very powerful crystal which has numerous positive effects on both physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

Emotion Finnish Sauna - this sauna has an hummidity of up to 20% and temperatures of up to 95 degrees Celsius. Although it is already a classic in spa centers all over the world, we assure you that our take of the finnish sauna is truly special, from the design of the wood to the special light effects for cromotherapy, and the aromatherapy accesories. 

Himalayan Salt Room - this is a very special salt room sauna, both because of its design and functionality. It is used for the treatment and improvement of respiratory disease, skin and overall rejuvenation. Built from nearly 3 tones of Himalayan salt bricks, which is one of the purest and cleanest forms of salt in the world. This allows for our salt room to be lightly heated, thus allowing a higher degree of comfort and a more effective treatment. Also fitted with an aerosole unit, this sauna is ideal for halotherapy.

Infrared Herbal Bath - this sauna is a mixt bio-sauna, with a middle level of hummidity, thus making it more easy to use for heat sensitive people. It is especially designed for herbal aromtherapy and also has an area designed for infrared therapy. It is built from carefully selected red cedar wood, which allows a further degree of natural aromatherapy.


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The guests benefit by free entrance to the sauna area of the Spa Centre. Sauna World offers four sauna types, all of them ment to give the ideal blend of therapy and relaxation of all senses.vezi mai departe

vezi mai departe